Find Your Favorite Nail Design

Nails can be the perfect accessory for any look, but some people think there is only one shape you can get from acrylic nails. With so many different colors, styles, and decorations to choose from these days, different shaped nails are the perfect base to express yourself in a unique way! So which look are you going for?


For the classic manicure, the rounded style has been a go-to pick for a lot of women. Though widely used, it is a great way to have a simple base and add some cool designs or a pop of color. The round nail shape is a simple and easy to manage acrylic nail. Since acrylic nails can break, compared to the other nail types, rounded acrylic nails give the stability, making them durable.


Vogue has often featured flawless square acrylic nails. When combined with classic colors and techniques, like the French manicure, this shape makes your nails the perfect fit for any event. Fashionable, yet classic, give your acrylic nails this modern form shape and add some pretty polish to brighten up your look!


Ballerina or Coffin shaped nails are long-lasting like rounded acrylic nails and complement any nail bed with the width of the square shape. They are great for any type of nail bed, making short beds appear longer. The are larger at the bottom then gradually thin toward the flattened top. This shape is effortless with the narrower sides of providing an elegant shape for any woman.


The super on trend talon shape provides an edgy alternative to traditional nail shaped. Seen on celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, this nail shape adds some much needed drama to any look. The sharp tips look great, especially with a bold sultry color. Perfect for the fashionista or Halloween, this shape can be an amazing accessory to complete your look!

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Falling In Love With A New Hair Style

With the Cleveland fall season quickly approaching, it is a great opportunity to change your look and embrace some new hair trends. There are many styles and colors perfect for any skin tone or face shape. From icy blonde to bold brunette, here are some must have colors perfect for the fall season.

Dying your hair can be a hard decision. Sometimes going from deep brunette to bright blonde may not be the look you want or the risk you are willing to take just yet. A safer, yet equally beautiful alternative to full blonde is bronde or brown-blonde. By lightening your darker natural color with just a small amount of blonde, you can create a big impact! Adding a small amount of a lighter tone will brighten your whole face and give you that extra shine.


L.A. hairstylist Johnny Ramirez coined the term “lived-in-color,” which means it is easier to take care of and requires less upkeep than dying your whole head. This is a lower maintenance look for those who still want to look great. The highlights add depth and dimension to flatter, one tone hair. Rather than dying all of your hair, this technique gives you a beautiful look without a drastic color change.


The vibrant warm colors of leaves signal the coming autumn season. One fall inspired color, Deep Auburn, is a gorgeous way to embrace the new season and a new you. This sultry look incorporates darker hues of red to create a deep and fiery color. This is an easy transition for brunettes to a stunning new color and an amazing transition for blondes to get a bold new look.

Whether you want a big change or need a small touch up, any of these looks are perfect to try for fall. Rocky River’s premiere hair salon Eternal Salon and Loft can fulfill these and other styles you may want to try and will ensure you look beautiful with whatever you choose. Make an appointment with us today where we can make you look and feel your best!

Come for the Eternal Salon & Loft experience, and leave feeling your beauty! #itseternal