Hair Extensions Rocky River

We offer custom-made hair extensions to achieve the style you want at our upbeat, upscale salon in Rocky River, Ohio!  Check out this hair extension comparison chart listing Eternal Salon hair extension prices next to national averages.

Clip-In Hair Extensions
These extensions clip under your own hair and are easier to attach than some of the other extensions. Easy to attach, but stylish. Eternal Salon and Loft expert hair stylists can match the extensions to your hair color; our extensions are custom-made to create the effect you want whether that be additional volume, highlights, lowlights, balayage, added length and more. In a short timeframe, your look can be easily transformed – the possibilities are limitless! Clip-in styles include ponytails, halo and toppers among others. Wear a clip-in ponytail to rock a casual look throughout the day or transform to an elegant look for a night out; your call!

Tape-in Extensions
Legendary Lox is the Eternal Salon and Loft brand of hair extensions. The tape-in method is a revolutionary system that uses special tape to bond hair extensions to hair. This in-demand method creates an invisible and seamless look. The thin tape wefts get placed in between your own hair. Varying lengths up to 28-inches are available. Choose straight, funky, ombre, wavy, curly or custom-made; push your creative limits!

Skin Weft Extensions
These extensions are one of the more recent products introduced to the hair extension market and are highly desirable because they closely resemble your actual scalp. The 100 percent Remy human hair strands are hand-knotted and are seamless at the base. Skin Weft extensions are well-loved because they are long-lasting and invisible. While they are applied in the same manner as tape-in extensions, they blend in and match your natural hair and skin color even better. What extensions? Discreet is the name of the game!

European Y-Tip Hair Extensions
Amazing new y-tip extensions that YOU will not even realize are there. They are extremely flat, chemical-free and lightweight. They will hold without causing damage. Plus, the y-tip extensions are comfortable. So, what’s not to love? Let our expert hair and color stylists install this in-tact real human hair without using any glue today. We are committed to bringing you the best!